Sabrina Sato is a Brazilian sweetheart. The TV host and Carnival star is an eclectic figure, reaching all niches of the local society. She is one of the most sought after celebrities in the marketing scenario, advertising for brands as Wella, Vivara and Arezzo, besides Sommer. She is very relevant for the fashion industry in Brazil, being famously dressed by Riccardo Tichi, from Givenchy, hosting the traditional Vogue Brazil’s annual Carnival Ball and frequently making the cover of Marie Claire Magazine.

For this collection, I sought inspiration in her lifestyle, crea1ng commercial pieces that relate to her public personality. In that sense, the shapes value her silhouette and express her sensuality and femininity. The garment brings prints that match her “samba”, from animal patterns to more elaborate ones, in order to bring to surface her taste for fashion, as she is always around great designers.